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CATSYS is a PC-based test system. It quantifies CNS-related human behaviour such as coordination ability, reaction time, tremor and postural stability (balance). You may say that CATSYS quantifies physiological performances in the same way that you quantify blood pressure or body temperature or IQ or pulse or height or weight or ---

And why should you do that? Well, to increase accuracy and reproducibility of your examinations. With the CATSYS test system and with your personal computer, you are able to relate your patient's performance to human normality, or you may monitor individuals by comparing them to themselves over a certain span of time. By applying statistics to larger groups, you may study subtle impacts from neurotoxic substances or drugs.

New ideas, which are still in the testing, include the CATSYS-controlled adjustment of drug-dosis to acceptable level of side effects of psychopharmaca and the monitoring of personnel like pilots or drivers or divers. We are also embarking on the development of a test battery for early diagnosis, supervision and adjustment of drug dosis in the treatment of Parkinson's Disease.

CATSYS is a portable test system based on a small datalogger, which communicates with your PC via a serial cable (like your mouse). The datalogger records data from up to four sensors: a Tremor Pen, a touch recording plate, a reaction time handle and a force plate (for balance-recording).

The software includes user-friendly test routines. Like any good program system, the software is automatically installed on your PC and you will quickly learn how to use it. Yet, still you do have a number of sophisticated facilities to support you as you develop your skills and demands. And time is of no essence. A complete CATSYS test will take less than 15 minutes.

From our web-site you may study or download comprehensive information as well as the latest CATSYS 2000 software - before you decide to purchase. Our software is distributed as freeware and our manuals are available in a PDF format.

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