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CATSYS 2000:
CATSYS is a cost-efficiant and portable PC-based test system. It quantifies CNS-related human behaviour such as coordination ability, reaction time, tremor and postural stability (balance).

CATSYS is an established test standard within occupational medicine - and an efficiant tool in determining subtle impact from long time occupational exposure to toxic agents such as manganese and mercury. More than 35 systems are now at work around the world - in particular in USA and Japan. New projects are continously launched, now including gerontology and neurology. For the practitioner, CATSYS is a new and economically feasible way of producing objective data on patients, giving a hitherto unprecedented insight in level and development of symptoms such as tremor, balance, concentration ability and coordination ability. A comprehensive gender-and-age separated normal material has been published by University of Quebec at Montreal. Thus, individual performance and group performances can be directly compared to normal levels

The system runs on all Windows platforms. A complete CATSYS test will take less than 15 minutes. Feel free to call us for an individual presentation and a discussion on how CATSYS may fit into your research or your clinic.

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